Group History

Sanyuan Group is a professional manufacturer of accessories for telecom stations. Established 2003, the company now has a manufacturing area of 1200 square meters and hires more than 100 employees. With our professional R & D designers and zealous customer service team, Sanyuan is committed to provide quality industry solutions to customers all over the world.


Henan Sanyuan Network Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China.


Sanyuan participated the IDC construction project for China Unicom.


SANYUAN Group cooperated with the local tax department of Xuchang, a city in Henan, to install lightning protection and fire suppression equipment for their comprehensive management system.


SANYUAN Group signed Supply and Marketing Agreement for coax cable accessories with Jiangsu Jieshitong Technology Co., Ltd. This year, Sanyuan also participated the CDMA station construction project for China Unicom.


SANYUAN Group developed a fiber optic sensor used for safety monitoring system for tailings dam, in a cooperation with Shandong Institute of Sciences. The Group signed a big contract with China Telecom (Henan branch) to supply surge suppressor later in this year.


SANYUAN Group won the bid for the surge protection device of China Unicom (Henan branch)


SANYUAN Group won the bid from Tiancheng Advertising Co., Ltd. in the acquisition project to supply wall mount UPS module.