Group News

May 27,2017

The Hook Type Feeder Clamp

The hook type feeder clamp which is Self-locking is the optimal solution for an easy and quick fastening to various supports of: coaxial cables, wave guides and fiber optic cables

May 27,2017

Anchor Ear Type Feeder Clamp

Anchor ear type feeder clamp is mainly used for the fixation between RF cable and tower, cable ladder etc, which is mainly composed of stainless steel

May 26,2017

Sanyuan’s Telecom Fiber Optic Feeder Clamp

Telecom fiber optic feeder clamp is used to fix coaxial feeder cables in base stations, which provides an efficient way of managing & securing the feeder installation system

May 26,2017

Sanyuan’s Through Type Feeder Clamps

Stainless steel BTS installation accessory RF feeder coaxial cable clamps through type is one type of feeder clamps for RF feeder cables

May 10,2017

Sanyuan’s Surge Protection Device

A Surge Protection Device is an appliance or device designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes, which attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device

May 02,2017

Sanyuan Group Prividing Good Cuality Couplers

The coupler is a passive device with four ports It can couple a set amount of power that is passing in one transmission line from one port to another

May 02,2017

Sanyuan Manufacturing Good Quality Coaxial lightning arrester

Sanyuan provides good quality coaxial lightning arrester used on electrical systems to protect the insulation of the system from the damaging effects of lightning