Group News

Apr 13,2018

Sanyuan Base Station Antennas

Updated specifications for base station antenna and accessories

Jun 13,2017

Sanyuan --- Focus on Base Station Accessory

Leading Installation Equipment for BTS SITES Manufacturer: We have: ex-factory price, quality assurance, R&D team, OEM service, communication base sets, 15 years experience

Jun 12,2017

This Is the Most Favorable Antenna Lightning Arrester!

Antenna lightning arrester connect between antenna feeder cable and equipment, is a serial type SPD for protection from transient over voltage and surge current caused by lightning stroke

Jun 05,2017

Sanyuan Group -- Proficient Feeder Clamp Manufacturer

As a proficient feeder clamp manufacturer, Sanyuan are professional in this field for 14 years, and has produced countless feeder clamps for customers

May 19,2017

Huawei Get Contract to Upgrade Telecom Infrastructure in Iran

Huawei s mass project in Iran will bring an overall upgrade to local telecom infrastructure

May 19,2017

ZTE Released Latest Progress Concerning the Acquisition of Netaş

ZTE s acquisition of Netaş will boost the Chinese company s competitiveness in Eurasia, and benefit both countries telecom industry

May 19,2017


Sanyuan is seeking business partners worldwide for cooperation and promotion