Group News

Jan 16,2019

New UPS Available for Sale!

Please contact info@3yuannet com for details!

Mar 08,2018

3 Holes Feeder Cable Clamp for Main 7/8" Feeder

3 holes main feeder clamp is widely used in base station for 7 8 " coax cable Want to know what does it looks like? Click to learn more…

Mar 07,2018

How to Make Antenna More Reliable in Base Station

To build a solid antenna array, here are some details that you need to pay attention to Click to read more…

Mar 07,2018

What is 6 Way Fiber Cable Clamp?

In a decent tower work, plastic straps are too sloppy! You need cable clamps to fix cables Click here to see more…

Mar 06,2018

How Grounding Kits are Tested in Sanyuan

Why you should choose Sanyuan grounding kits? This article might give you a solid reason Click to learn more…

Mar 06,2018

7/8" 4-way Main Feedline Cable Clamp

7 8 " feedline is a common cable in mass base station Here is a video featuring a fixation tool for 7 8 " feedline, click to watch…

Mar 05,2018

Antenna's Mechanical Tilt and Electrical Tilt

Do you know the tilt in antenna? Want to know how it works? Let me explain it to you!